Our bags are made by artisans using traditional techniques and high quality materials. To keep your MUTLU in perfect condition, we recommend:

  • Store it in the MUTLU protective cover that you receive in your order when not in use.
  • To avoid deformation, it is advisable to fill it with onion paper. Be careful not to use other types of paper that may stain the product.
  • Protect it from light. Direct sunlight can affect the colour of the bag, we recommend storing it in a dry place protected from sunlight. It is also important to protect it from humidity. If at any time the bag gets wet due to rain, for example, it is recommended to dry it with a white cotton cloth, and never apply direct heat.
  • Protect the bag from any perfume.

To clean it, use a dry white cotton cloth.

Over time, it should be moisturised. It is important to use a specific product, always avoiding components such as silicone or petroleum, or derivatives.

If the bag has been stained and you are unable to remove the stain, do not hesitate to go to a specialist or a dry cleaner.